Sewing, Crochet and Embroidery Project

Dheisheh refugee camp has over 50% unemployment amongst its adult population.  The sewing and embroidery project was established in 1999 after the second intifada to provide an income for women in the camp. Currently the project has 100 members and it aims to empower women economically and emphasize Palestinian cultural heritage by teaching and producing embroidery and garments. Over fifty women in difficult economic conditions benefit from this program besides that, it provides income to 70 families in the Dheisheh camp through employment and income.

All items are handmade and the embroidery is sewn onto the stretched cloth. By employing traditional methods to produce the embroidered goods the project maintains links to Palestinian history and culture.  By selling the products to visitors, the story of Ibdaa and the Palestinian refugees is passed on.

If interested in purchasing hand made embroidery  or the Crochet products, visit the Photo gallery