Dabka Dance troupe

Ibdaa Dance Troupe was established in 1994 to revive the Palestinian Folklore, and emulate the Palestinian pain and hope. And spread the Palestinian cause across the world through the language of art. 

The Dabka troupe is considered one of best troupes in Palestine, where it represented Palestine in more than 30 countries all over the world. It started in Dheisheh refugee camp alleys, in which generations despite the suffrage from Occupation, they exist, create, advocate for human rights and spread the history of the native people of the land and the reality.

Ibda'a Dance Shows:
The troupe preformed countless times, presenting the general Palestinian concerns through the following shows: 

1.      Khaima(Tent): a show speaking about the Palestinian refugees since 1948 with all phases. The show is a 27 minutes show, a musical.  It was choreographed for people from all backgrounds and spoken languages, using music to express and illustrate the dialogue. Khaima is the first show produced by Ibda'a troupe, and it is intellectual property for the Ibdaa.

2.      Wasiya (commandment): It illustrates the relationship between Palestinians and their  land, a story about the commandment of a grandfather to his grandson. A 30 minutes show included with songs from the Palestinian folklore, Wasiya was the second show produced, and it is an intellectual property for the centre, preformed in many countries all over the world.

3.      Ghorba (foreignness) : The latest show produced, a 45 minutes performance. it emulate the human and patriotic feelings and nostalgia of Palestinians, nostalgia for their stolen land.

4.      Mo’takal (prison): It shows the life and the reality of the Palestinian political prisoners imprisoned by the Israeli Occupation. A high percentage of the Palestinian people have been arrested, and it affects every family. It is a 15 minutes show and is much closer to a theater show accompanied with an expressive dancing.

5.      Other artistic shows: All of the troupe shows tries to extrapolate the grandparents artistic accent and emulate it with the present in order to produce artistic work that shows the relationship between Palestinians and their land.


1.      Ibdaa child and young members tour the globe, prompting the late President Yasser Arafat to call them the “Ambassadors of Palestine”.

2.      Ibdaa participated in the closing ceremony of the Refugees’ Conference in New York, in presence of Edward Saeed, who described the troupe as the best representative of the Palestinian refugees.

3.      Ibdaa won the title of Most Active Institution in Palestine following a survey organized by AlHayat Newspaper in 2006. 

4.      Due to it’s wide relations, and the dance troupe touring around the world Ibdaa was titled “Foreign Ministry”.