Diabetic Children Group

Diabetes Children Group is one of the projects established by Ibdaa Cultural Center in 2019, consisting a number of children diagnosed with Diabetes under the age of 18. Most of the members in the Diabetes Children group are from Dheisheh Refugee Camp located in Bethlehem and its surroundings. The project aims primarily to raise level of awareness for the targeted group in both health and social spheres, and to establish a medium for them to engage effectively in the community and provide psychological support. Ibdaa Cultural Center organizes free consultations with specialists, who visit the medical centre to talk to the patients about their condition, carry out health checks and distribute equipment such as glucometers, glucose strips and blood-pressure monitors whenever possible. Medicines can also be dispensed and club members are referred to the Bethlehem Health Institute if necessary. If members are unable to join the activities at the Ibdaa medical centre, the committee carries out home visits to monitor their general health and the status of their diabetes. These visits also provide an important social function and help to maintain links with the community as a whole. It is important to point out that Dheisheh Refugee Camp is in urgent need for medical devices including diabetes examination devices and strips which cost about 70 NIS and consist of 50 stripts that each diabetic child needs every 15 days. Considering that such medical supplies are not available in the UNRWA or governmental medical centers in the West Bank, we aim to constantly provide the needed devices and strips for the Diabetic children group in order to support them and their families who are also unable to afford these devices.