Sport Club

The Sports Program is established to carry out at least four of the goals of Ibdaa on a sportive level. The most important goals that are covered by this Program are:

  •       I.        to Developing children skills in the different sectors, cultural, artistic, sports and academically;
  •      II.        Developing youth skills as the continuation of childhood statues;
  •     III.        Accepting the other away from categories, color, religion, ethnicity or background:
  •    IV.        Raise (community) awareness on the situation of the refugees.

The Ibdaa sports club was set up in 1999 with the formation of a men’s football team of mixed age from within the Dheisheh refugee camp. The project soon developed to involve additional sports and more focused age groups. Wherever possible each sport has a junior (14-15 years) and senior (18-20 years) team, which allows the players to develop their skills and ensures that the standards in the senior teams are very high, The teams are coached by groups of specialist volunteers from Dheisheh and the local

Participation in a team sport provides an excellent source of physical activity but can also helps develop social skills and provide emotional support. Winning a match or competition stimulates a sense of achievement, which is very important for children in general. The Sport Club now has a wide reach, more than 200 people from Dheisheh camp and the surrounding area of different ages and genders are now involved in one of the projects that are supervised by the Sports Club Committee. These projects are: