Medical Eyewear

In Deheisheh refugee camp there is one UNWRA clinic, but a huge amount of people have diabetes and the clinic doesn’t cover such things as education, diet and health, or psychosocial issues. The health club for diabetic patients in Ibdaa was established in 2007 to serve the shortages that lie in the UNWRA clinic for the people within Deheisheh refugee camp and the surrounding Bethlehem area, who has diabetes. The aim of the project is to empower diabetes patients to manage their condition and to allow for a regular life involved in the community.The club is overseen by a committee, which currently consists of eight members, both male and female, who bring different skills to the project. Three committee members also have diabetes giving it a strong patient-focus. New members are typically recruited through word of mouth. Members must be accepted by the committee but can then join the many club activities and get access to preferential rates from local medical project partners. The club also has an information board in the medical center, which is updated weekly with details of recent and future programs, and general information of interest to members. Currently, the project has over 200 patients. The majority of members are 30-60 year olds, although the project does also involve around 30 children for whom special projects are run. The project benefits up to 1000 people in education about diabetes.


Medical Eyewear

Ibdaa’s Medical Eyewear project continued throughout the year of 2022, as 160 cases in Dheisheh Refugee Camp between the ages of 8-16 were provided medical eye glasses free of charge. This type of service was targeted for children of those ages primarily due to vision problems affecting their academic performance.