Supportive Medical Devices

Ibdaa Cultural Center serves more than 2000 Children, Youth, men and women annually since its establishment in 1994. Therefore, it is our duty to take our people’s need into consideration and work on making those needs accessible to people. One of Ibdaa recent projects is to provide support for people in need for health care in Dheisheh Refugee Camp with medical devices including Crutches, Walkers and Wheelchairs. It is essential to note that Ibdaa provide these kind of services to beneficiaries free of charge. The project relies on “Borrowing System” where beneficiaries are required to return the devices in good condition once they are done with them in order for other people in need to be benefited from these devices due to the growing number of individuals who are in-need for such devices but have difficulties to acquire them.This project is one of the most distinctive projects at the governorate level in which it aims primarily to serve as many humanitarian cases as possible for those who have difficulties gaining access to such services due to high costs. It is important to note that medical devices are very expensive in Palestine (Crutches and Walkers cost up to 2000$) which hinders the possibility for some people in need to gain access to this kind of service, thus Ibdaa seeks to find the best ways possible to cover the costs of medical services.