Ibda’a Women’s Economic Empowerment Project Produces First Round of Graduates

 Ibda’a Women’s Economic Empowerment Project Produces First Round of Graduates

Ibda’a Women’s Economic Empowerment Project Produces First Round of Graduates

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Date: February 19th, 2019

Ibda’a Women’s Economic Empowerment Project Produces First Round of Graduates

The first of four phases, with training in embroidery and crochet, produced 32 women from Dheisheh refugee camp who now have the skills and knowledge to start their own business.

Bethlehem, Palestine – Through support from Partage Avec les Enfants du Monde, Ibda’a wrapped up the first round of training  for 100 unemployed women from Dheisheh refugee camp through providing specialized skills in 1 of 4 production areas as well as information on business development, marketing, labour laws, and women’s rights. A total of 32 women graduated from the embroidery and crochet training after 3 months of intensive engagement. The overall objective of the project is to reach the most vulnerable women in the community, support the development of income generating projects through training, thereby contributing to attaining a decent livelihood.

“This training not only helped me to develop a specific skill set and knowledge of women’s and worker’s rights, but also had a positive impact on the dynamic of my relationship with my husband. I have more confidence in myself, and he has more respect for me”


Other benefits from this project were identified by participants as; developing meaningful social relationships with each other, providing relief from the feeling of isolation, and the start of planning future projects based on the skills acquired through this project.

The unemployment rate among Palestinian women is notably higher than that of men. The reasons behind the high percentage of unemployment among Palestinian women is the result of a number of interconnected factors; the number of job opportunities are limited, and the number of new graduates entering the labor market is increasing, in addition to the restrictions of freedom faced by all Palestinians from the Israeli occupation, women are further restricted due to familial responsibilities and cultural pressure.  

Four participants, with children in Business Administration at a local University, were asked by their children to host a seminar on small business development for one of their classes. Sharing their newfound knowledge has already begun to produce positive impacts beyond the confines of the project.

Phase two begins in early March with a target of producing at least 25 women who are ready to sell the traditional beverages that are in high demand during the holy month of Ramadan.

Ibda'a Cultural Center (Ibda'a) is a grassroots, community-based organization located in the Dheisheh refugee camp within occupied Palestinian Territory. Since its foundation in 1994, Ibda'a serves more than 2000 children, youth and women annually. Ibda'a’s mission is to create a positive atmosphere for children, youth and women in the refugee camp in order to assist them in developing creativity and leadership skills through a range of social, cultural and educational activities.